4 Ways DAOs Help You Get Hired As A Web3 Developer

4 Ways DAOs Help You Get Hired As A Web3 Developer

This article will discuss how YOU can get hired for a mid-level or even senior position in Web3 with no previous experience.

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Table of contents

  • 1. Connect With People From The Industry And Build A Network
  • 2. Learn From Experienced People And Improve Your Skills
  • 3. Bring In Your Own Ideas And Become A Leader
  • 4. Work In A (Remote) Team Right From The Start
  • Your Call To Action

Junior Web3 developer roles are difficult to land. Not because there is a huge competition, but because there aren't many entry-level job opportunities in general. Senior-level positions usually require years of experience. And if you're reading this article right now, that's probably what you are missing.

So, how can you gain relevant experience and be prepared for a mid-level to senior position without having a job? The answer is DAOs!

As an aspiring Web3 developer, you probably know about DAOs. There are many different types of DAOs, but for junior software developers, I recommend starting with a more social-centric DAO. Developer DAO is a good choice because it is very social while still providing numerous opportunities to grow and learn as a developer.

To find a list of all popular DAOs, click here.

Now that you've joined your favorite DAO, it's time to gain industry experience.

1. Connect With People From The Industry And Build A Network

It is not unusual for Discord servers of popular DAOs to have over 10k members. To put it in other words, there are multiple people to build relationships with!

The best way to get engaged is to...

  1. Introduce yourself in the respective channel
  2. Attend town hall meetings
  3. Participate in guilds that you are interested in
  4. Take on your first task
  5. Help new members find their way around

If you follow these steps, connections will form automatically. And chances are high; one of your new frens knows somebody who is looking for a skilled and motivated Web3 developer like you.

Each connection you make can potentially open several new doors.

2. Learn From Experienced People And Improve Your Skills

You probably noticed right from the start that there is a high concentration of very talented Web3 developers in these DAOs. This should not intimidate you but rather motivate you. More often than not, these guys are very supportive.

My favorite way to connect with experienced developers is to pick a single existing project you want to contribute to. The goal is now to begin fewer but more meaningful relationships. After introducing yourself to the project channel, it's time to make your first contribution. Some suitable first tasks are...

  • Review other people's code
  • Take on an issue
  • Report an issue or feature request
  • Add documentation
  • Write tests

Invest your time and energy in providing value to that project and learning as much as you can from the core contributors of that project. I encourage you to ask a lot of questions. Eventually, you'll become an expert yourself.

Once you learn to question, you will start to learn. - Abhijit Naskar

3. Bring In Your Own Ideas And Become A Leader

Web3 companies are looking for confident developers taking on an ownership mindset and leading projects. Luckily you don't need an MBA to lead a project in a DAO. By leading, I mean coordinating and being a core contributor.

Previous leadership experience is a skill that will help your resume stand out and make you look more senior. But how can you become a project leader in your DAO?

The path I recommend (and where you'll probably gain the most experience) is to start a new project based on your own ideas. Ideally, your idea provides value either to the DAO or the Web3 community.

I'll provide you here a list of tools that I recommend you to use. Professional developer teams use these tools and are rarely covered in coding tutorials. It is a big plus if you already know these when applying for a job, and it enhances the code quality of your project.

  • ESLint (static code analysis tool)
  • Prettier (code formatter)
  • Travis CI (continuous integration)
  • Jest, Mocha (testing frameworks)

4. Work In A (Remote) Team Right From The Start

New challenges arose when companies switched to remote-first. Processes changed, and there are new soft skills employers are looking for.

As a professional Web3 developer, you will work in a team with other developers, designers, and even less technical people. The idea that software developers program on their own in their basement has long been outdated. Companies are looking for team players that are highly collaborative and have excellent communication skills.

A DAO gives you the unique opportunity to work right away in cross-functional and remote teams. This allows you to strengthen soft skills like conflict management and negotiation that are rarely trained when working alone.

Your Call To Action

  • Build relationships for future opportunities
  • Get inspired by the people that are already doing what you want to do
  • Take on an ownership mindset and lead a project
  • Strengthen your communication and remote-working skills

Hint: If you are looking for a guide that helps you prepare for Web interviews, I got you covered here.

Thanks for reading, and good luck on your journey!

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