What is Developer DAO?

What is Developer DAO?

Who are they, what are they doing here, and other FAQs

It doesn't take long for builders, creators, enthusiasts, and inquisitive newcomers to the Web3 space to stumble upon ~Developer DAO~. Poking around to learn more, it may be challenging to pinpoint exactly what Developer DAO is and what they're doing. After many Twitter DMs, IRL conversations, and Discord discussions, I've aggregated the most frequently asked questions to help provide some clarity around this active and seemingly enigmatic organization.

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What is Developer DAO?

Developer DAO is a group of individuals worldwide working together to progress Web3 through building public goods, providing educational learning opportunities, and assisting developers through career pathways.

Here is the website: developerdao.com

How do I join Developer DAO?

Currently, the D_D Discord is token gated by a D4R NFT. Either purchase an NFT on OpenSea or apply for a free NFT via scholarship. Once in possession of an NFT, join the Discord and follow the onboarding prompts.

Who is in Developer DAO?

Initially founded by Nader Dabit, Developer DAO has grown into a community of over 5,000 members. DAO members take many forms. Developers, content creators, founders, executives, writers, artists, students, and more are all a part of the D_D ecosystem.

What is Developer DAO doing?

Many, many things. Remember, D_D is focused on building, educating, and supporting the Web3 space -- this is a pretty wide scope! While I won't be able to effectively list all of the projects being worked on, a few include:

  • D_D School of Code: formalizing Web3 education
  • Web3con: virtual conference on all things Web3
  • Public goods: building for the general good, such as the D_D NFT derivative project Developer DAO for Ukraine and a Hardhat plugin
  • Mentorship: matching members looking to up-skill with knowledgable mentors
  • VibesIRL: in-person events worldwide to connect with other members and the greater Web3 global community
  • Onboarding: organizing processes and onboarding for new members to get oriented in the DAO
  • Marketing: newsletters, blogs, merch, and more to support the DAO
  • Travel sponsorships: getting members to conferences and hackathons for learning and networking opportunities
  • And many, many more things, plus whatever you're going to do next!

What kinds of things do members do in the Discord?

The D_D Discord is a little world in and of itself. With over 400 channels, there's something for everyone. In addition to jumping into any of the initiatives above, members can join efforts for community building, governance design and implementation, business development, D_D website, wellness conversations, learning channels for specific technologies, resume "surgery," pursuing and applying for grants, and of course, the very famous ~vibes~ calls and voice-chat-5 hangout sessions.

Do I have to be a developer to join?

Nope, not at all! Anyone who wants to help build the future of Web3 is welcome!

How is the DAO organized?

While it's constantly a work in progress, the general design of the DAO is broken up into guilds so that members can find and contribute to the initiatives that resonate with them.

Current guilds include Community, Design, Development, Governance, Marketing & Business Development, and Writers.

However, there are a ton of channels that lie outside of guilds. Here is a list of D_D Discord channels with descriptions, or check out the more graphic view if you prefer.

Once I join, how do I get started?

First, I highly recommend taking a deep breath. Seeing the Discord unlocked can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot there, but there is also a lot going on. Read this blog post to get a general overview of participating in the Discord: How to Deal with the Developer DAO Discord.

It's unlikely that any single member knows or sees everything happening in the Discord, so new members shouldn't feel pressure to read through everything either. The onboarding team is pro at helping you make a soft landing, so be sure to book an onboarding call as soon as you can.

How can I get the most out of being in the DAO?

There's no way around it; the members that get the most out of the DAO put the most into the DAO. The greatest success stories come from members that participate, ask questions, take the initiative, treat others with kindness, and help wherever they can, even if that's simply taking meeting minutes!

How does Developer DAO help me get a job?

At the end of the day, no one can technically get someone a job -- everyone gets themselves a job. Active DAO networking, participation, and learning/teaching with other members are all keys to success. Developer DAO also has a job board for open roles with our partner companies. More often than not, if there's a Web3 job that looks interesting, there's probably a DAO member that works there to connect with!

How can our company partner with Developer DAO?

  1. The BEST way any company can work with Developer DAO is to have a person within the company within the Discord. There's just no replacing the value of directly interacting with members.

  2. DM D_D on Twitter with opportunities you'd like to work within the DAO. Some of our greatest needs from partner companies include sponsorships (events, newsletter, conferences, education, travel, etc.) and resources (advice, collaboration, DAO tooling, dev tooling, etc.).

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Can I hire Developer DAO to build something for our company or pick up bounties?

At the moment, we don't have a formal process in place for this. If you have open roles, feel free to contact the D_D team for job board placement! Bounty opportunities can also be shared in Discord.