DevNTell - 0xcorgis


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DevNTell - 0xcorgis

GM from Season 1

Starting Season 1 of Developer DAO, we're going to be sharing a weekly spotlight for the presenter of DevNTell to allow the community to better know one another. Also make sure you and your frens are following @devntellxyz to get all the latest details about DevNTell including recordings, spotlight intros, witty developer commentary and future $CODE giveaways!

With that said, I'm pleased to introduce to you the speaker at this weeks DevNTell...drum roll please...0xcorgis (Drew) ๐ŸŽ‰

Developer Spotlight

Corgi Drew is a developer focused on education which focuses on making code accessible and making learning fun and interactive. He lives and breath in teaching others tech. He makes fun learning materials, videos, and comics to break problems into visual animated chunks. Comes from a background in teaching data science and full-stack development but is on a journey to make the duolingo for tech.

About the project

In this week's edition of DevNTell, DAO member 0xcorgis presents to us his project, 0xcorgis - Duolingo of web3: 0xcorgis goal is to make code cute and informative! Maybe the way to teach your mom, dad, friends, or family what you do in web3.

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