DevNTell - Proof of Humanity

DevNTell - Proof of Humanity


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In this weeks DevNTell, DAO member Emmett Childs (xpriment626#2365) whose lead of Developer Relations at Kleros gives us an overview of Proof of Humanity.

No big deal, but...

As of this morning, DevNTell has officially been booked straight through the end of 2022 ๐ŸŽ‰

Every time I think about it, it leaves me in absolute awe around how much of a staple it's become in the community. Just wild!

Note that slots for 2023 are up for grabs if you want to get a bit of a head start ๐Ÿ˜‰

And now, with no further adieu, let's get into it with Emmett in this weeks Developer Spotlight

Developer Spotlight

Emmet is the developer relations lead for Kleros, a decentralized dispute resolution protocol combining game theoretic incentives, crowdsourcing, and sortition to enable credibly neutral arbitration in web3. Emmett works mainly on furthering integrations for both Kleros and Proof of Humanity, improving developer experience in our open source community, and developing contributor incentives.

About the Proof of Humanity

Proof of Humanity is a Sybil-resistant registry of humans to serve as the building block for on-chain reputation, quadratic voting, social key recovery, and much more! PoH is developed and maintained by the Kleros Cooperative and changes to the protocol take place through 1p1v DAO governance.

Proof of Humanity landing page:
Proof of Humanity Usecases:
Proof of Humanity Explainer:
Proof of Humanity Crowdfunding Campaign:
Proof of Humanity Integration Doc:
Proof of Humanity V2 Explainer: Kleros website:
Proof of Humanity V2 Demo App:

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