DevNTell - Bifrost

DevNTell - Bifrost

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In this week's episode of DevNTell, we were given an overview of Bifrost by Co-Founders Kartik (CEO) and Samraaj (CTO).

🌟 Developer Spotlight

Kartik and Samraaj are long-time friends who first met at RIT and then eventually became co-founders together. They started their first business in web3 by creating a smart contract based deadman switch which helped land both of them into Y-Combinator. After a while, they realized that the market conditions weren't quite right for that product to take off and turned to another project that Samraaj had been working on a few years ago. That product was the non-AI version of Bifrost which, at the time, didn't scale since machine-generated code was still relatively new; however, with the recent advancements in AI and after its incorporation into Bifrost, they quickly went viral after releasing their first demo video. They're on a mission to remove all the monotonous work of implementing design so that engineers can focus on the fun stuff!

🔥 About Bifrost

Bifrost uses AI to turn your Figma designs into clean React code — automatically. It's the first design-to-code product that works!




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