DevNTell - Data Unions

DevNTell - Data Unions

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In this weeks episode of DevNTell, Developer DAO member Nico Burkart gives us an overview of Data Unions: A smart contract for one to many micro transactions

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Nico is a DevRel Engineer at Streamr and Data Unions DAO. During the DevNTell I went over a smart contract template for β€œone to many” micro transactions and how this enabled Data Union use-cases where people get incentivized to crowdsource and monetize their data.

πŸš€ About Data Union DAO

From the Data Union DAO About page:

The mission of the Data Union DAO is to disrupt existing data business models by enabling people to sell their data with full transparency, control, and fair revenue sharing.

This can only be achieved by applying decentralized technologies, which allow self-sovereign control over digital assets such as money and data.

The DAO is an open community of builders and UNION token holders. It is responsible for developing the Data Union framework technology and growing the ecosystem. It governs the technology and UNION token economics via token-based voting.

The Data Union framework was originally developed as part of the Streamr project. Reach out to the Streamr Data Fund if you would like to get your Data Union idea funded.

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