DevNTell - Debond Protocol

DevNTell - Debond Protocol

Jan 14, 2023ยท

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In this week's episode of DevNTell, Yu, Dhruv and Joey from Desmo Labs gave us an overview of the Debond Protocol. Debond Protocol is looking to make the financial derivatives market (bonds) fully accessible on-chain.

๐Ÿš€ About Desmo Labs

From Desmo labs:

Desmo Labs (D/LABS) is a fintech solution provider of software development and consulting services. Our experienced and innovative team of professionals specializes in the development of uniform KYC solutions and tokenization to facilitate compliance and more efficiently negotiate any goods or services. Our technologies offer a secure and efficient "Swift" on-chain settlement system with integrated KYC and DID claim standards. This can enable the development of simplified and compliant financial software for both the public and private sectors.

At Desmo Labs, we provide a wide range of fin-tech services, including consulting services for software and banking development, KYC solutions, tokenization solutions, chain settlement solutions, and consulting services. Our team is capable of taking care of all the stages of banking and fin-tech development and implementation, including KYC solutions, tokenization integration, design and implementation of chain settlement solutions, and fin-tech solutions deployment. We can also provide quality technical assistance and customer support for our solutions, as well as advisory services on the use of fin-tech technologies.

Our mission is to provide secure, reliable, and efficient fin-tech solutions to help businesses and governments more effectively navigate the digital world. We strive to provide innovative solutions that will help to create a more transparent and secure financial system. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing quality service and support to our customers so that they can rest assured that their financial and data needs are taken care of.



Slides describing ERC-3475 standard:

Repository for the example implementation of ERC-3475:


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