DevNTell - Onchain SVG smart contracts

DevNTell - Onchain SVG smart contracts


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In this week's episode of DevNTell, DAO member Nicholas gave us a demo of his smart contracts rendering live Juicebox treasury data to onchain SVG NFTs

๐ŸŒŸ Developer Spotlight

Nicholas is a Solidity developer focused on NFTs and DAOs. Nicholas is a full time contributor at JuiceboxDAO, where he works on governance operations, internal/external communication, and dev rel experiments with partners like Austin Griffith, Gabriel Haines, and Krause Haus.

Nicholas is host of web3galaxybrain, a Twitter Spaces Podcast where Web3 builders meet every Friday at 5PM ET to talk about what they're building right now. He also co-hosts NFT Tokenomics Office Hours, a place to workshop NFT and DAO tokenomics on Twitter Spaces every Wednesday at 4:20PM EST

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