DevNTell - Peeranha

DevNTell - Peeranha


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In this weeks DevNTell, Developer DAO members Sergey Ilin and Philip Bankier give us an overview of Peeranha: a decentralized knowledge sharing protocol for Web3

๐ŸŒŸ Developer Spotlight

Sergey is Co-founder and CTO at Peeranha, a knowledge-sharing protocol for Web3 (think decentralized StackOverflow), backed by Techstars and Protocol Labs. Sergey spent the past 5 years in blockchain development, first as a founding engineer for successful startups, bloXroute Labs and Vm Capital, and then at Peeranha. Prior to that, for over a decade he led dev teams building large-scale enterprise software.

Philip advises Peeranha in technical and community development. Since falling down the Web3 rabbit-hole in 2019, Philip has contributed to multiple DAO's and protocols. He currently spends his time operating MetaPortal DAO which aims to be the go-to experts in crypto-native game governance and sustainable game economics.

๐Ÿš€ About Peeranha

Peeranha is a first fully decentralized free protocol with questions and answers for Web3 that helps grow your community with structured knowledge.

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