DevNTell - PostThread

DevNTell - PostThread


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In this weeks episode of the Developer DAO DevNTell, DAO member Ian McCann (Pokey#7986) demos an app he built with Paolo Grignafinni (PulesGizmo#2961) called PostThread: a web3 social media app that rewards its users instead of extracting from them

๐ŸŒŸ Developer Spotlight

From Ian:

I'm Ian McCann, a data scientist turned blockchain engineer. I came to web3 for the memecoins and stayed for the tech. I am excited to join this technology at such an early stage and hope to build something that can help bring the rest of web2 into the future.

๐Ÿš€ About PostThread

PostThread is a social media app first and a crypto app second. We hide all the crypto aspects from the user as most people aren't interested in it, but we believe it is important they have the ability to control their data should they choose to. At any time a user can take control of their assets and tokens. Also, all data is stored publicly on the blockchain or hosted on IPFS, so it can not be abused by a centralized entity. We believe we can give the user more control in the future by encrypting the data and allowing the user to provide a key to those they wish to share the data with.

Each day users are paid tokens depending on their user and social score. The user score is determined by their contributions to the site such as posting good content, curating the site by voting or linking to their web2 social media accounts. Their social score come strictly from who is following them. Using graph theory we can determine how important a user is in the overall social graph. Centralities are calculated and compared against all other users. Combining these two scores, I believe, results in a fair distribution of tokens each day and encourages users to contribute, curate and interact with the community. (source)


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