DevNTell - Proof of Vibes

DevNTell - Proof of Vibes

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In this week's episode of DevNTell, we were joined by co-founders Russell Ballard and Anthony Marshall who gave us an overview of Proof of Vibes

🌟 Developer Spotlight

From the Proof of Vibes notion page:

Anthony Marshall

Seasoned Creative Executive, Anthony Marshall co-founded the Lyricist Lounge, at the age of 16. What started as MCs congregating in a rehearsal studio soon turned into one of Hip Hop’s most respected brands. Establishing the Lyricist Lounge as a platform & blueprint for discovering emerging Hip Hop talent. Mr. Marshall helped develop a Hip Hop musical/comedy sketch show entitled ‘The Lyricist Lounge Show’. The show was then sold to MTV and became one of their highest rated programs. In 2005, he helped to launch ’Current TV’ [Al Gore's TV network], aiding in the development of the company's VC2 (Viewer Created Content) initiative. In 2009, he developed an HIV awareness campaign named 'Greater Than AIDS' [Kaiser Family Foundation]. In 2010, he acted as an Executive Producer on ‘Master of the Mix’ [a Branded Content TV series about DJs funded by Smirnoff] which aired on BET and VH1 for three seasons. He is now preparing to celebrate his 30th year with Lyricist Lounge and looks forward to opening (digital + IRL) venues in its name throughout the world. His latest venture includes the launch of the Lyricist Lounge DAO, a WEB3 collective of cultural mavens, content creators, developers, programmers, artists, and music producers.

Russell Ballard

Meet Russ, a 25 year old founder from Philadelphia and Austin. Russ is dedicated to building the intersection between tech and culture, and is on a mission to bridge the gap for kids to get into tech. As a co-founder of the "40 Acres and a DAO" initiative, Russ is working to create sustainable communities of color through education, empowerment, and engagement. In addition to this, Russ is building the Proof of Vibes protocol, the first blockchain-based platform that rewards users for their good vibes and positive contributions to the community.

🔥About Proof of Vibes

Proof of Vibes is a rewards program for events and experiences. Tap in, leave reviews and start earning.


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