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DevNTell -

In this week's episode of DevNTell, we were joined by Ron Ezra (VP of R&D) and Hector Diaz (Community and Social) who gave us an overview of Decentralized search infrastructure for blockchains and web3

🌟 Developer Spotlight

Ron Ezra

Ron is a multi-time co-founder of web3 companies whose purposes ranged from helping elderly people create new income streams to enabling academic researchers to earn proper compensation for their work through DeFi. Ron is now in the role of VP of R&D at Sepana.

Hector Diaz

Hector started his Web3 journey in the crypto space as a very successful TikTok influencer before taking his talents to a Bitcoin mining company. After a brief layoff, Hector found a home at Sepana on the community and BD side of things.

🔥 About

From Sepana's Proof of Thesis:

Sepana seeks to expand humanity’s knowledge by making web3’s content easily discoverable and accessible. Sepana enables people to create search engines based on data they provide that are then exposed by an API for dApps to consume.


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