DevNTell - Supercluster

DevNTell - Supercluster


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In this weeks episode of DevNTell, co-founders Kai Huang and Gov go over the latest on their project, Supercluster Labs

๐ŸŒŸ Developer Spotlight

Kai has been in Product Management for the last 6 years, currently working as a PM for MetaMask. Kai Started working on Supercluster about 4 months ago with the team he formed at HackFS '22 with the goal to provide a super easy decentralized file-sharing application.

Gov is a blockchain/web3 developer and researcher who has been in the space since 2014. He has worked on several projects in the space, notably at a venture-funded project that developed secure p2p file sharing for governments. In addition, he has participated in several hackathons, notably creating a top 10 hack at HackFS 2020 and winning 2nd place for the IPFS prize at HackFS 2022.

๐Ÿ”ฅ About Supercluster Labs

Supercluster is a decentralized file-sharing solution purpose-built for DAOs. Supercluster Files enables DAOs to share content between team members without having to rely on centralized parties.




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