DevNTell - SurfDB

DevNTell - SurfDB


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In this weeks edition of DevNTell, Aditya Parmar (0xavp.eth | gives an overview of his project, SurfDB: the database which dApps actually need. SurfDB is built on top of ceramic, providing an easy way to store data on the decentralized database, also allowing users to own their data

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Here is a brief introduction from Aditya:

Hi I am Aditya. I am a software engineer from Bangalore, India and was introduced to the web3 space in early 2020. I love coding and creating software so I always wanted to build something awesome in web3 which I am with Spect Network and SurfDB. I joined Developer DAO when my co founder adityach4u gifted me the NFT as a birthday gift.

๐ŸŒŠ About SurfDB

SurfDB aims to be the database which dapps actually need.

Currently decentralized databases like ceramic, IPFS, arweave, Filecoin etc. cannot be used as a database for dapps. These databases are more meant to store arbitrary data like files or metadata. The developers have to resort to using mongoDB or SQL as their databases which as we all know isn't really web3 native.

We wanted to make something which provides developers the ease of use of using web2 databases while also maintaining the decentralization aspect, without compromising the end user experience. Using a decentralized database also allows the users to own their data instead of the apps owning the data which we see in a lot of dapps these days. Source


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