Hedera x DevDAO: Build Faster DApps with Predictable Fees

Hedera x DevDAO: Build Faster DApps with Predictable Fees


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Following our exciting announcement of sponsoring Developer DAO, I'd like to introduce Hedera and the developer relations team further 👋.

Hedera is an open-source public distributed ledger that uses the Hashgraph as its underlying consensus algorithm. Hedera offers excellent performance, scalability, and sustainability with native token and data (consensus) services and EVM-compatible smart contracts. Further your Hedera knowledge by visiting the Hedera documentation, where you'll have the opportunity to dive deeply into core concepts about the network.

The Developer Relations, Documentation, and Community team supporting the Hedera network consist of the following:


Get Started Building on Hedera 🛠️

Visit our getting started guide to set up your environment and be ready to start building on Hedera. Explore our tutorials and choose the one that interests you most! Learn how to get started with the Hedera Token Service, which makes it easy to issue native tokens with scalable performance and flexible configuration. Explore our EVM Smart Contract service, and get started writing solidity-based smart contracts costing you only $1 in HBAR to deploy.

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With the recent announcement of the open-source JSON-RPC relay for Hedera, Ethereum developers can build on Hedera using well-known development tools. Using Hashio, Swirlds Lab's beta relay implementation, developers can utilize the relay today. Check outthis article to get started or complete a step-by-step guide on how to deploy smart contracts on Hedera using truffle.

If you're feeling adventurous, set up your own local node and delve further into Hedera development. You'll be able to create and submit transactions to your local consensus node and interact with your local mirror node through REST APIs. Check out the GitHub repository.

Network Stability and Fixed Fees

Being in the know about your operational costs is essential to ensure you can offer the best experience to your users. The price of transactions on Hedera is fixed in USD. If the value of HBAR goes up, it costs less HBAR to transact on the network. Hedera offers an active fee estimator that lets you choose the various transactions for specific services and tweak parameters to get an accurate total estimate.


Network stability is just as important as knowing your operation costs, and Hedera is proud to offer exceptional stability. Accurately check the status of the network by visiting status.hedera.com.


DApps on Hedera

There are already several DApps deployed on the Hedera network.

Decentralized Exchanges

Use Hashport, a network bridge to bridge assets from Ethereum, Binance, Avalanche, and Polygon.

NFT Marketplaces

NFT LaunchPads

Receive $200 in HBAR

Anyone familiar with building on Ethereum's EVM can receive $200 in HBAR by sharing their experience using Hashio to build an EVM-based application on Hedera. To be eligible, you must leave in-depth feedback on your experience by visiting http://bit.ly/3gRXayt.

Workshop Alert


Visit YouTube to view an exclusive workshop for the DevDAO community that took place on December 5th, 2022 from 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm UTC. Abi Castro, Developer Evangelist for Hedera at Swirlds Labs, will be the trainer for this session.

In this session, Abi will briefly introduce Web3 and the significance of distributed ledger technologies. After that, she'll introduce Hedera: An open-source, public EVM Smart Contract network — it has ecosystems and standards built by the community and a DAO-like governance structure consisting of organizations spread across the globe.

You'll discover the differences between Hedera's hashgraph consensus and blockchain consensus, explore Hedera's network services for developers, and what applications developers are building on Hedera today. The session will end with an interactive coding experience that you can follow along with or watch.

Closing Remarks

The Hedera community is unique in how everyone treats each other as equals—you can feel confident that building and sharing with the community will be filled with support and encouragement as everyone recognizes each other for their hard work.

Please get involved in our community-focused improvement process called HIPS, where you can collaborate with great minds to make changes/improvements to core services and add more projects to your open-source contributions.

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I am proud to be part of such an incredible community and know that anyone who joins will feel right at home.

Join our community on discord here.

Keep on Building!