How Developer DAO is Helping Me to Publish a Web3 Book

How Developer DAO is Helping Me to Publish a Web3 Book


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Around April 2021, I decided I wanted to publish a book about the decentralized web. I didn't have much insight into the space, but my unwavering passion led me to believe it was attainable. I decided to do two things: Build a Web3 education platform to blog the book and join a solid Web3 community.

This led to the launch of As the name implies, it's a book publishing platform for the decentralized web. The concept of blogging a book is simple. Instead of using the traditional approach to writing a book by saving your written chapters on your PC or cloud storage, you can post them as a blog post on your book blog, chapter by chapter. That way, you are using a stone to kill two birds by building a platform and growing an audience as you write your book.

To onboard non-developers into the Web3 space, a lot of education is still required. The book will, in my opinion, serve as a layman's introduction to the decentralized web.

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The next step was to join a forward-thinking community in Web3. After much research, I chose to be a part of Developer DAO. The concept of a DAO is one of the cutting-edge technologies powered by the ideas of a decentralized web. By joining Developers DAO, I was one step closer to my vision. After my research, I found out that I needed an NFT to get in, but I needed an ENS domain to position myself for a possible scholarship. I sold a few of my coins on Binance to buy some ETH. Then I transferred the ETH into my Mew wallet and used it to buy an ENS domain.

Earlier this year, I had a rare opportunity to meet Nader, the founder of Developers DAO, in Nigeria, at an open-source event. I leveraged that opportunity to reach out to him and share my plans to join the DAO. He asked if I had an ENS domain; I said yes and sent it to him. He sent me the NFT. After going through some verification through the Discord server, I was finally a member.

At first, I was pretty overwhelmed by the number of channels on the DAO. After a few days of being inactive, wiseTy reached out to me and scheduled an onboarding call with me. After the onboarding call, things became a bit clearer to me. I paid more attention to the writers guild. That's how I got to know about the blog editor. K is an all-around great guy. I shared my plans to be an active contributor to the blog, and he provided me with detailed guidelines on how to contribute to the blog.

So far, I have worked with K to publish over 10 complete guide articles for the DAO. Two out of the ten articles have been mentioned by Hashnode. The Complete Guide to Decentralized Finance and The Complete Guide to DAOs.

I shared my book plans with K and asked him to be a co-author. Surprisingly, he agreed. If you know K, K is not the kind of guy that says yes easily, and if he does, he means it. So that yes meant a lot to me.

I don't have a publisher for this book yet, but I intend to use the self-publishing route. I've done it before and been successful at it.

Recently, I reached out to RyanCoordinator and shared my plans with him. I was amazed by the warm reception and encouragement I got from him. He even opted to help build publicity for the book, hook me up with the best editors, and do whatever was possible to make it a huge success. His words rekindled a burning desire to go all out to make this a success.

I'm not even close to the brightest minds in the DAO, and I don't claim to be – I'm just a regular guy that wants to do something that helps people. With that said, I want to have as many co-authors as I can in this book, especially Ryan Coordinator, Nader, and K. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is not about me. My dream is to see other DAO members become published authors with this platform. Authors can also choose to create and monetize a course around their books on the platform.

I'm sharing his vision openly because I want to gather as much momentum as possible as I embark on this assignment. I honestly don't want to be alone in this. That's why I wish to throw it open to the DAO. You can also connect with Decentrapress. I made sure that the name Decentrapress is consistent across all social media. I hope you found my "TED talk" interesting. You can reach me via email at or @nonstack on all social platforms. Together, we can do this!