Humans of D_D - 0xpaulie.eth

Humans of D_D - 0xpaulie.eth

A new series introducing the people behind Developer DAO

We are excited to introduce a new series highlighting the Humans of Developer DAO that dives into the stories of the amazing humans impacting the ecosystem that we’ve built today. We are thrilled to kick it off with @0xpaulie.eth, a contributor to the D_D newsletter since its inception and the new Director of Web3 Content at Dev Spotlight.

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What Is Your Background?

My professional background is non-technical. I’m an electrician by trade and have been an overhead crane technician for the past seven years. I picked up technical writing towards the end of 2021 and am about to go into Web3 full-time with my new role as Director of Web3 Content at Dev Spotlight.

What are your passions and interests?

I’ve always had a passion for technology and learning. Over the past five years, I’ve been dabbling in various technologies and spent a good portion of it making videogames with Unity and C#. Outside of tech, I love snowboarding, riding, and tinkering on my motorcycle, anything related to nature, and tattoos!

What led you to Web3?

In 2021 I decided I wanted to give web development a shot and try to switch careers, so naturally, I joined Twitter. Towards the end of summer, I started hearing a lot of buzz around Web3. I had been into crypto for a while, so something clicked once I started looking into the tech behind it. I realized this was what I should be focusing on. The technology is super cool, and the impact it could make on society is huge! There’s an opportunity here to build something really beneficial for the world. That’s definitely something I want to be a part of.

What led you to join D_D?

I had been dabbling in DAOs a little once I started learning about blockchain and Solidity, but none of the ones I joined really felt right to me. Then I read the tweet by Nader announcing that he was starting Developer DAO. Immediately I felt drawn to it. I wasn’t super confident as a developer yet, but I thought surrounding myself with other like-minded people would help me learn faster and keep me motivated.

What value has the DAO provided you personally, and why are you active?

Developer DAO has given me so much already! It has provided me with a network of other Web3 enthusiasts, given me a place to learn and bounce around ideas, and helped me discover my interest in writing. Writing about what I was learning eventually led to me landing a few clients, and now my new full-time job!

I am active in D_D because I genuinely feel like it makes a difference in the Web3 ecosystem. As a member of the newsletter team, I get to see just about everything happening around the DAO, and sharing these things every week is something I view as valuable. Contributing and helping others gives me a sense of satisfaction, and being part of this organization gives me something to identify with. I’m proud to be a member of Developer DAO! The amount of good we can provide has me optimistic about the future.

Where do you see the DAO going in the future?

Developer DAO is already a big name in the Web3 space, but I expect it will get much bigger. Once we start releasing more public goods and our educational avenues are more mature, the opportunities for the DAO and its members will be tremendous! I would like to see D_D as a place where people can learn everything they need and get set up with opportunities to work on whatever they might be interested in. I can already see these sorts of pipelines forming, so I believe it’s only a matter of time.

Interested to learn more about his experience joining Developer DAO? Give it a read.

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