Traveling Internationally for the First Time Thanks to Developer DAO

Traveling Internationally for the First Time Thanks to Developer DAO

In March 2022, I got the chance to attend the EthDubai conference in person. Thanks to Developer DAO, I got my current job, and I was able to travel to Dubai.

I was very excited about the trip, not only because I was going to attend my first conference but also because it was my first international trip and my first time flying.

Finally, the day of my trip came, and I left for Dubai. The start of the journey didn't go as I expected because my flight was delayed by more than twelve hours. Luckily, that was the only worrying thing on my trip.

I arrived in Dubai by two in the morning, so by the time I reached the hotel was almost 3 am local time. Seeing all the huge skyscrapers, party vibes, and people from all over the world had a great impression on me.

On the conference day, I went to the Le Merdian. I attended a few workshops and talks from Nader, Austin, and other people. The talks and workshops were pleasant and helpful, but the thing I enjoyed the most was meeting people.

Many people were sharing their ideas, what they were currently working on, their experiences, and many more things. Connecting with them and talking with them in person was extremely fun. At the conference, I met Austin Griffith for the first time. He is a significant persona whom I admire. I got a chance to talk one-on-one with him. He is such an incredible and humble person who is always building cool stuff and also motivates and helps others to build.

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Apart from the conference, another thing for which I was so excited was the Developer DAO meetup. Meeting other DAO members in person, with whom I've been in voice chats for the past five months, took my excitement to the next level. I got to meet so many amazing folks there including Josh, Kempster, Manny, and Qedk. The list is so long that I can't even mention all of them. Special shoutout to Manny, as he always helps me like a big brother. Again, Kempster, Josh, and Qedk were no less than that.



Also, this was the first time where I met Nader in person. I had heard a lot about him but meeting him in person was a completely different experience - he was so modest and such a friendly person. I also got a chance to meet some fantastic people who were not from the DAO. Thanks to D_D for organizing such a wonderful meetup.


Finally, at the dinner on the very same day, I met Ryan Coordinator (always coordinating <3 ). I was meeting him in person for the first time; however, it never felt like that; I felt like I was meeting an old friend.


I attended day two of the conference with my D_D group. I learned many new things from Nader and Austin in their workshops and got a chance to get one-on-one mentorship with them. D_D members went for dinner at night as it was the last day in Dubai for many of us. We had a good time there, hanging out till late at night, and also had a healthy discussion on some of the topics.

Dubai is incomplete without the parties. With my D_D friends, I went to many parties in Dubai. I had been to a night party only once before that. Partying in Dubai with people you vibe with was terrific. I can't remember any day while I was in Dubai when I didn't end up at a party. I also got a chance to hang out with Nader and Austin at the warehouse party after the conference, and that was wonderful. Also, I was happy as I managed to get a picture with both of them.


And it doesn't end here. I also visited many tourist attractions in Dubai with my D_D friends. I visited Expo2020, where I went to Canada, India, and Pakistan pavilions. At the Expo, I also met Rahat - another prominent persona in Web3 - for the first time.


I almost touched the sky while I visited Burj Khalifa. The experience of taking a glimpse of Dubai from the 126th floor just can't be described in words.


I explored the gigantic Dubai Mall and went to Jumeirah Beach with my D_D frens. We also visited the underwater aquarium in the mall and had a good time there.


All these experiences were invaluable and so overwhelming. This ignited a fire inside me to roam around the world, attend as many conferences as possible and meet people. One of my friends told me that you never forget your first trip, and yes, it is true, I can relate. This visit to Dubai now has a special place in my heart, and whenever I see its pictures, all those moments start playing back in my head.