Writing for Developer DAO in Season 1


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We did it! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

After months of preparation, we finally entered Season 1!

This is splendid news, my frens. With Season 1 and the launch of the $CODE token, we finally have budgets to reward members for their work, which includes writing tasks for the DAO.

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What does S1 Mean for Writers? ✍

The focus of S0 was to set up the foundation of the DAO in the figurative and literal sense. Now that this is all done, we switched our focus to education in S1.

As you, a humble writer (to-be), might already expect, writing is perfect for educating people, so it shouldn't be surprising that D_D has budgeted for it in S1.

This includes scribing, newsletter, Developer DAO Academy, and the blog.

We reward most tasks with the $CODE governance token, so you get more voting power in the DAO with every assignment you complete.

Developer DAO Academy

Writing for Developer DAO Academy 🏫

The most ambitious project for S1 is Developer DAO Academy, an online learning platform for beginners who want to learn how to code or get into Web3 development.

What Writing Work is Available?

You can write or edit SoC lessons. So, if you have a background in education or want to try it, give SoC a go. They need people who do research for each topic and write the lessons.

What Budget is Available?

The SoC budget includes 2,000 $CODE for content creation and research alone and an additional 1,000 $CODE for in-depth reviews. If required, the team will repurpose unused $CODE from the budget for content creation.

How to get Started?

If interested, join the Dev Guild in the DAO/#🀝-guild-select channel to see the guild's channels.

The DEV GUILD: EDUCATION/#d_d-academy channel is where all the planning happens, so drop by and ask how you can help.


Scribing for Our Calls πŸ“œ

While not directly related to the education focus of S1, scribing is essential for the DAO.

We have quite some events happening in the DAO, and no member can attend all of them. Even our operators, who work full-time for the DAO, don't get to them all; otherwise, nothing would get done.

To give you a feeling, this is the event calendar:

Today [Aug 24]
01:00 pm Group Onboarding Call 
02:00 pm Marketing and Business Development Guild Town Hall 
03:00 pm Server Architecture 🧰 Team Sync 
03:30 pm Mentorship Discussions 
04:30 pm EP05: Writing an NFT Smart Contract with Stacks and Clarity 
06:00 pm D_D Agency Weekly Sync 
06:00 pm Education Team Weekly Sync 
07:00 pm DevRel Team Weekly Sync 
Tomorrow [Aug 25]
01:00 pm πŸ‘« D_D Community Guild Weekly 
03:00 pm Initiative Leads Sync - Western Timezones 
Friday [Aug 26]
01:00 pm CN Vibes and Group Onboarding δΈ­ζ–‡ζΌ«θ°ˆε’Œε…₯职δ»ͺ式 
02:00 pm MBD Weekly Sync
02:00 pm B3NZ Sync 
03:00pm AxisOne - Team Sync 
03:00pm DevNTell - Sonr 
04:00 pm 🌞 Community Town Hall
05:00 pm DevDAO Women Weekly Sync
06:00 pm Viernes de Vibras
Saturday [Aug 27]
03:00 pm Web3-ui Weekly Sync 
05:00 pm Saturday Sesh 
Sunday [Aug 28]
04:00 pm Community Guild Onboarding Team Weekly Sync 
Tuesday [Aug 30]
02:00 pm Writers Guild Weekly 
03:00 pm Dev Guild Weekly Sync 
04:00 pm D_D Website Team 
04:00 pm Soil🌱 Talent Coordination sync
05:00 pm Education Platform Weekly Sync 
11:00 pm Contract Book Club 
Aug 31, 01:00 pm Design Jam 
Aug 31, 04:30 pm EP06: How To Create & Deploy A 100% On-Chain SVG NFT In An Hour
Aug 31, 08:00 pm Governance Guild Bi-Weekly Sync 
Sep 02, 04:00 pm Group Onboarding Call 
Sep 05, 03:00 pm OKRs Initiative - Team Sync 
Sep 06, 02:00 pm Conversations on Wellness 
Sep 09, 04:15 pm Merch Team Vibes

Not all of them need scribing, but most do, especially the sync calls.

The idea is that a scribe sits in one or more of those calls and writes down the crucial points people discussed. This way, members who didn't have time to attend the call can read about it later.

What does a scribe get from this work? Well, $CODE! But also insights into all these projects and guilds.

If you are a new member or an "old" one looking to become more active in S1 but have no idea where to start, scribing is an excellent way to do this while getting paid.

What do we Expect of a Scribe?

~3h of work for a call.

You sit in the call, which usually takes one hour. There you write down notes about things people said that could interest members who couldn't attend.

After the call, you restructure the notes to make the most sense (group topics, sort by priority, sometimes people talk about one subject at different times in the call)

Finally, you write a text with structured notes to make the whole thing easily ingestible.

How to get started?

If you're interested, join the Writers Guild in the DAO/#🀝-guild-select channel, so you see the channels of that guild. You can then ask people how to get started in the WRITERS GUILD/#πŸ“-scribes-start-here channel.

Also, if you have more time on your hand, we're still searching for a scribe coordinator.


Writing for the Newsletter πŸ’Œ

The newsletter, Probably Nothing, is an important channel to keep D_D members updated via email. It goes out every week and contains news around D_D. It's also a source of revenue because D_D partners and sponsors can pay to get their names and products featured in the newsletter.

What Opportunities are there?

While the newsletter team has enough people for their day-to-day work, it could get in trouble when someone gets sick or goes on holiday. So, they need a few more people to ensure they have enough when one drops out.

If you're a newsletter pro or want to learn about newsletters, you can find the newsletter team in the ACTIVE DAO PROJECTS/#πŸ“°-newsletter channel.

Writing for the Blog πŸ“

The DAO blog is one of the windows into the DAO. It tells the story of the members, their experiences in the DAO, how their lives changed through the DAO, and more.

It also furthers the educational mission of the DAO by publishing tutorials and guides on Web3 topics.

With S1, there are several paid writing opportunities for the blog.

Your D_D Experience

The Writers Guild may reward you for writing about your DAO experience.

What happened after you joined? Did you take some workshops? Make some friends? Learned something cool? Even get a new job in Web3? Write about it and earn some $CODE!

This helps to show other members, and the rest of the world, that D_D has a real impact on people's lives. That Web3 is more than just shilling NFTs.

DevRel: Article per Week

The Developer Relations team has budgeted for one weekly article in S1 about a Web3 topic.

These articles should be high quality and teach people something interesting about Web3 to show the world that we have some serious writing chops!

You can find a calendar with the planned articles and the free slots on Notion.

If we do well here, these articles can help us to attract more members and sponsors.

This also brings us to the next point:

DevRel: Sponsored Articles

D_D sponsors pay for the right to publish articles on our blog, but not all of them will write these articles themselves. The DevRel Team can write articles for our sponsors; when doing so, the writer will get part of the sponsor's payment. So, if the sponsors consider our DevRel articles high quality, they might be inclined to let us write more for them, giving our members opportunities to earn more.

If you want to get in touch, check out the ACTIVE DAO PROJECTS/#πŸ“-blog channel.

D_D Newsletter CTA


Season 1 has launched, and we have four months of educational work. We need scribes for all our calls, lessons for the Developer DAO Academy, newsletter support, and high-quality articles!

Are you a writer and want to help out?

Join the Writers and the MBD Guild on Discord to contact us and earn that luscious $CODE! πŸ€‘